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Last weekend was MIT’s annual Mystery Hunt, where hundreds of puzzlers (comprised of MIT students, alums, and puzzle enthusiasts alike), gather to solve a series of puzzles in the hunt for a coin hidden on campus. While I am no longer near the institute and had most of my weekend booked, I spared pockets of […]

(Part 1) My parts came in last Tuesday, and quite excitedly, I went to work on it. With the help of my friend, it took me about 3 hours to finish putting together. It was a little nerve wracking handling the parts and ensuring a random chance of static electricity wouldn’t render them useless. Wrapped […]

From Psych Season 5 Episode 3:

(Posts about Europe will be completed…later) I’ve been milling around with the idea of building a desktop to serve as a media center and as a web and file server. Now that I’m back with a little time on my hands, I decided to do it. My reference was a $620 Dell Inspiron 570 MT […]

When I first saw trailers for The Karate Kid, I wasn’t too excited by it. It seemed like a knock off movie loosely based on the 1984 original, meant to kick-start the career of Jaden Smith and bring Jackie Chan back on the forefront of martial arts movies. Still, I had heard some good things […]

Google launched a new layout two days ago, to something I am not a fan of and makes me seriously disappointed in Google’s design decisions. It seems Google is losing the simplicity of its user interface that has driven so many people to use it. Let’s do a side by side comparison between the old […]